21 de abril de 2015

Shopping online

Yesterday I bought a couple of dresses from HM. I've seen them online but they didn't draw may attention, but then seeing them in the shop...love them.
The first one is this:

ONLY 19,99€

When you see it...it's like well...not very pretty, but when you try it on is like GORGEOUS. It gives you that stylish, relaxed look.

And the other one:


I am sure many of you crossed your fingers when shopping online hopping that what you`ve ordered will fit you and very important you will look great, because if something fits you, does not mean you will necessary look good in it.
Lately, the policy of many online shops is free delivery and free return and now I totally understand the reason behind it.

Going to a shop, touching the garment, trying it on is something that, for me, is unique and irreplaceable.